This page contains lots of free stuff I've written. A lot of it appears on forums I frequent but I keep all of it here on my blog for easy access. To download them, simply click the name of the pdf you want (above the description of the pdf). You'll see a short add for about 5 seconds (this add generates me a little money for my efforts so thank you!) and then continue on to your file download where you can download the pdf.

For Firefox Users: If you're using the adblock plugin it would be helpful to temporarily disable it when downloading stuff from this page. It'll prevent the add from displaying and prevent me from getting paid for writing stuff for you. You still go through the 5 second wait time before getting to the file either way. (^.^")

Thanks again and enjoy. - Scott.

Ashiel's Adventuring Guidebook (v0.0.01)
A mini guidebook that is slowly being added to. It includes advice for adventure preparation, tricks of the trade, help determining your kits when going on an adventure and much, much more. Future updates will include helpful advice for choosing spells, feats, and combat tactics. Includes sidebars with helpful or insightful commentaries from the author (a favorite is the pre-constructed adventuring kits).

Ascetic Characters Mini Handbook (v1.0.0)
A short guidebook roughly 5 pages long discussing asceticism in RPG characters. It also contains a simple but effective method for allowing a "vow of poverty" kind of power by awakening magical effects across your various chakra points. Probably ideal for monks but also useful for almost any character.

Heroes of Alvena - Psionic Monk (v1.0.3)
A complete rebuilding of the monk base class that incorporates the psionics rules by Dreamscarred Press available on the d20pfsrd. Supports a wide variety of concepts and is highly customizable and functions well alongside most of the core classes in The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Barbarians, Bards, Clerics, Druids, Paladins, Rangers, Wizards, and Sorcerers).

Heroes of Alvena - Gunslinger Guidebook and Firearms Mechanics (v1.2.6)
A short splat-book with entirely alternative rules to for firearms and the Gunslinger class. Occasionally updated. Guns in this supplement are usable by most classes by default and are more consistent with the standards of the core rules. Guns are also priced reasonably. Includes statistics for black powder bombs, some weapon enhancements and optional feats. Updated occasionally with plans for the next major update to include an overhaul and expansions to the firearms rules, prestige classes,  archetypes, and more.

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